Plutocalc Designer
Reliable and quick plant sizing

Plutocalc Designer is a software suite for water and wastewater treatment process sizing powered by the Radecapp framework.


  • Numeric solvers/optimizers that converge better and faster than any spreadsheet
  • Databases of chemical properties, coefficients and components
  • Latest design practices from reliable peer-reviewed scientific and engineering publications
  • Handbook for each process with literature references, comments and tips
  • API for connecting with external applications
  • Privacy first! No project/design information is stored in our servers
  • No installation required, 100% web based. Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and even on smart TVs
  • Take your data with you! Export and import in open file formats (TXT or JSON)
  • Run calculations directly from spreadsheets with the Excel interface
  • Multi-language: Output file can be translated using Google Translate
  • More than 100 unit conversions supported

What's new

  • 27/09/2020 - Version 1.3 alpha
  • 21/08/2020 - Version 1.2 alpha
    • New Excel user interface
    • New API call for listing the available models
    • New model switch button for the web interface
    • Fixed non critical bugs in the calculation models
    • All changes and version history
  • 05/07/2020 - Version 1.1 alpha
    • Rounded outputs for 5 significant digits
    • Uniform input quality for all wastewater models
    • Improved unit conversion recognition: now supports power exponents '²' and '³'
    • All changes and version history
  • 03/07/2020 - Version 1.0 alpha


Plutocalc Designer models will be available for FREE during the Alpha and Beta test phases. After this period the software might be charged at a "per calculation" base. Prices will be the minimum required to cover the server maintenance costs and to purchase reference technical literature. Users are encouraged to visit the handbooks, test the interface and evaluate the input/output report formats before making any purchase.

Collaboration rewards

Users that contribute with technical literature or information that led to improvements in Plutocalc Designer features or models will be rewarded with generous calculation vouchers.


Please contact the developer at [email protected] for feature requests, bug reporting and improvement suggestions.


Plutocalc Designer was created and developed by Daniel Brooke Peig with the collaboration of several engineers and scientists and is distributed under this End User License and Privacy Agreement.

Privacy policy

Plutocalc Designer software collects and records the license key and IP address from the users for the sole purpose of managing the server load, usage statistics and the license usage. Plutocalc Designer does not store calculation inputs or outputs in the server.
Any data that could lead to a possible user identification (like the IP address) will be kept in secret from 3rd parties. For more information please refer to the End User License and Privacy Agreement