Plutocalc Water
Instant calculations for environmental professionals

Plutocalc is the most complete calculator for water treatment, wastewater, hydraulics, environmental chemistry and unit conversions. Plutocalc solvers were carefully tuned to require minimal inputs and provide accurate results based on the latest advances in science and engineering.


  • 103 solvers
  • 2670+ possible calculations
  • Unit conversions
  • Chemical properties database
  • Results as you type
  • Plant operation and design emphasis
  • 100% offline
  • Online, App and Portable versions
  • Multiple interface languages
  • Advanced calculator and conversions directly from the search bar
  • Beautiful paper prints
  • Active development
  • Free and fast. Very fast!

What's new

  • Version 14.1 - Calculator
  • Version 14 - Lightning fast
    • New user interface: faster, more responsive, more intuitive
    • Search bar
    • Deep search for Plutocalc+
    • 50% smaller package for Windows
    • All changes and version history

Keep Plutocalc free

During the past 7 years Plutocalc was actively developed, improved and made available for free without displaying a single ad or tracking it's users. Plutocalc rapidly became the most popular water treatment app on the internet and nowadays, more than a hundred thousand experts rely on tool for their everyday professional needs.

Unfortunately, hosting, software licenses and equipment are not available for free. The developer has been funding this project from his personal income but as the user base increases, the costs go up and now the budget is under extreme pressure.

Plutocalc+ was released with the purpose of supporting development costs but less than 1% of the users cared to spend 3.99 USD for a lifetime license. It didn't worked out.

If you like this software and want it to continue free of ads free of money grabbing monthly subscriptions (yack!), please consider purchasing Plutocalc+ or making a small donation.


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Plutocalc+ has the same solvers than the regular version but comes with some extras features for the generous supporters:

  • Early release of new versions: get the new features before everyone. Does not apply for security or bug fixes.
  • Deep Search enabled: Expands the search index to database items and solver variable names.
  • PlutoPad: a tool to log calculation inputs and outputs. Tap the pen icon to log the active field.
  • Copy and Paste: move your data faster between fields without having to type again or even highlight source data field.
  • Priority support by e-mail in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
Get it on Google Play Download from the Apple iTunes Store Get it on the Amazon App Store

Plutocalc Designer

Plutocalc Designer is a compilation of tools for water and wastewater treatment plant sizing. It provides detailed design reports based on the latest engineering practices. Please check the Plutocalc Designer page for more information.

Model/Solver list

Unit conversions

Geometry and sizing standards

Energy, head loss and power

Contaminants and quality indices

Solutions and Chemicals

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Filters and membranes (Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis)

Chemical and biological reactions




Please contact the developer at [email protected] for feature requests, bug reporting and the sponsorship program. Translation contributions are always welcome.


Plutocalc was created and developed by Daniel Brooke Peig and is distributed under this End User License and Privacy Agreement.

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